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Dakota Gilbert


An Orange County native and 10-year professional tattooer.

Dakota Gilbert is an award winning tattooist offering a wide array of tattoo styles. A true student of tattooing, Dakota consistently delivers strong custom tattoos. Due to his diversity, he is able to tackle any tattoo style from traditional to black and grey portraits.

Customer testimonials

My friend Dakota has been tattooing for a little while so i thought id go see him because hes someone i know and am comfortable with. His art is amazing and the experience was super comfortable. I was totally nervous because this is my first tattoo ever so i have no previous ideas about the pain. The location is not far from my house so it was easy to get to and everyone is super chill and nice. I love the inside of the shop. There is an endless amount of art to look at and funny signs hung around the walls of the shop which helps take the nerves off when getting a tattoo. Everything is super clean and sanitary: razors only used once, needles only used once then thrown away after tattoo completion, etc. they are super responsible as well and definitely make sure you get what you want. I loved the pandora playlists they have playing all the time. I love music and was happier and less nervous with the music playing. Overall it was a great experience and i recommend this place to everyone. I got a great price on my tattoo too! 🙂

Twyla S.Customer

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