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Daniel Alvarez


Engaging and focused, Daniel is a total gentleman, who takes great pride in his customer’s satisfaction.

Daniel Alvarez is the resident Piercer here at Blue Collar Tattoo. His love of piercing began in his teens, when he got his first septum piercing. “I’ve always liked the way facial jewelry looked, the feeling, just the whole experience of getting a piercing. I really enjoy giving that feeling to my clients, to see their reaction after the job is done, and most importantly, to know their being provided with a clean, healthy, and sanitary environment, where people of all ages can enjoy their experience and feel safe and accepted.” Constantly pushing his knowledge to expand his prowess, Daniel is a eternal student of the culture, who seeks to share and spread his knowledge of safe piercing with clients every time he works. Please consider Daniel Alvarez for your next piercing, we can’t wait to see you here.

Customer testimonials

My friend and I walked in spontaneously after work as most random piercings stories go and we got our piercings done by Dan. My friend got her septum pierced and I got my conch piercing done. Dan was absolutely a gem and super sweet/patient. I'm a super picky person and I kept asking to readjust the dot he drew to be *slightly* lower/higher/etc and he did not mind. He also definitely gave good recommendations as to where to place them piercings in terms of aesthetic appeal and pain tolerance. I will say the conch hurt slightly but the pain is very do-able. It hurt more so when he was screwing in the piercing top than the piercing itself. Both my friend and I are super pumped with our new piercings!!! Thanks again, Dan!!

Helen K.Customer

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