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Francisco Morales


Francisco Morales fell in love with art at the age of 9.

He was constantly drawing manga characters with his cousins, always striving for perfectionism. In middle school, Francisco took monthly art lessons where he was exposed to a variety of new mediums. During this time, Francisco’s art teacher sat him down and encouraged him to focus on drawing and really take it seriously.

She saw potential in him that ultimately helped spark the start of his career. Growing up, Francisco spent a lot of time with his neighbors and was exposed to prison art firsthand. This began his fascination with lettering, pen drawings, and tattoos. At the age of seventeen, Francisco began tattooing outside of his parent’s home. He did this until graduating before seeking an actual apprenticeship at a local shop in Costa Mesa. Francisco now has eight years of tattooing under his belt. He enjoys black and grey realism and traditional and doing custom lettering. He would also love to do more anime-style tattoos.

Recent works

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