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Jason Lewis


Jason Lewis is a not-so-traditional body artist

that has been tattooing for over ten years. His artistic talents are instantly recognizable when looking at his work. He has achieved a wide range of mediums during his time as an artist, which have combined into his own, unique, diverse style.

Jason has created his own formula for successful paramedical tattooing, and though specializing in hyper-realistic areola and nipple tattoos, he has expanded his skill set to include Micro pigmentation or Intradermal Pigmerntation. The artwork is completed quickly, non-invasively, with minimal damage done to the skin, and most importantly, it’s permanent! Jason is a caring, trustworthy professional who takes great pride in making his clients feel safe, secure, and above all, satisfied! Jason is in the process of training multiple artists to form the paramedical tattoo group in efforts to help as many people as possible.

Customer testimonials

I’ve had several people ask me about corrective tattooing, reconstructive tattooing and tattooing for women with breast augmentation etc.. I always refer them to my old colleague Jason. He has been working hand and hand with plastic surgeons returning women who have been through so much trauma back to a place of confidence. He is truly the best at what he does. If you know of a women in your life that could use his services, this is the man right here!


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